Wednesday, July 1


I've got a true love/hate relationship with primers: most of the times I feel like they don't do much to my face besides adding another superfluous layer of stickiness and sylicone..
But then my best friend came back from the UK, and with her this awesome little number.. 
I am talking about the Thisworks  In Transit Camera Close Up : mask, moisturizer and primer in one. Yes, this product claims to be a lot of different things, and honestly I was a bit sceptical at first: with such a big introduction it was either gonna be an absolute game changer or an absolute poop. Guess what? sometimes the good guys win, because I am simply obsessed with this product. This gel-like moisturizer is very cooling and nice to apply, perfect for hot weather and summer. It looks and feels like a moisturizer, but once it sinks in, the true perfecting-pore erasing-primerish side of it comes out to play: it's the perfect canvas for makeup, living my skin feeling smoother and and dewyer than ever. In terms of make up longevity, yesterday I wore this primer under my makeup, and then went to a concert and at the end of the night, several hours and sweats later, my face still looked pretty decent. Just a tiny disclaimer; it's pretty heavily scented, so if you're part of the smell-police, you've been warned..

Thisworks  In Transit Camera Close Up , £30 available on