Wednesday, August 12


We all know that summer holidays are a time for extreme relaxing, party nights and splashes in the pool.. but they also usually involve a lil' bit more drinking and eating than usual, and a general lack of sleep. 

If you came here, probably you've experienced all of that, and you feel like you just need a break. A holiday from your holidays if you will.. A day just for yourself to relax, exercise, eat nourishing, delicious food and pamper yourself. So, here are my simple steps to an amazing detox day..

1. Set the alarm, but indulge in a lay in.  Of course we can't afford to spend the whole morning sleeping, but sometimes it's very nice and restoring when we don't have any plans to wake up and press snooze.. a couple of times. 

2. As soon as you wake up, make your bed. I know it can sound a bit useless, but I promess it works. Making your bed and sorting out the clutter around your room first thing in the morning can make you feel more awake and motivated to start your day.

3. Warm Water and Lemon rock. On a day to day basus I tent to forget this very simple step, but on a detox morning I never ever skip it. It's the best way to cleanse your digestive tract, boost your metabolism and wake up your body.

4. Exercise! From a very gentle Yoga sequence to an intense run around your block, just get the blood flowing. Endorphines are true magic when it comes to happiness and a positive mind set. Also, exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism and keeps your body energized for the day.

5. Eat like a Caveman. Have you ever heard of paleo diet? It's a very extreme and controversial subject, but let's just try and focus on the main concept, which i find very interesting: eating meals cooked from scratch, with natural and non processed ingredients, as opposed to industrial-made food.
Wether it's a soup or a spaghetti bowl, just try and DIY.

6. Pamper Evenings are cheaper that a psychatrist. And that's for a fact. So no matter whick kind of day you had - stressful, stress-free, happy, sad- it's now time to let it go baby. Remember that very expensive face mask you keep in the back of your drawer, because you're saving it for a special occasion? Crack it out. 

7. Give Yoga a try.  As a newly yoga-obsessed gal, I can't think of a relaxing, detox day without thinking of a mindful, empowering yoga sesh. So if you're familiar with Yoga, make sure you squeeze in your daily routine, but if you've never even tried it once, I suggest you do, today. My favorite routines are from a youtube channel called Yoga With Adriene: she is an absolute babe, and her videos are perfect to ease into the practice.

So here are my tips for a wonderful detox day.
let me know if you have more, or if you give this a try!