Sunday, November 29

Le mie icone di stile

Can we skip the bit where I apologize for not posting for an entire month please?
And also can we fast foward to when I actually remember how to blog posts?

This week i want to talk about my personal style icons: mainly bloggers but also celebs who just get it right when it comes to clothes. It's been a while since I talked about fashion on my blog but actually i spend a lot of time thinking about clothes, shopping, outfits and the whole, and sometimes it's just nice to blog about it. Also I just gone trough a massive wardrobe clearout so I am feeling über inspired..

So Without further ado, here are my main fashion influences and the reason why THEY ROCK.

Alexa Chung is definitely one of my biggest style inspirations. I just love her effortlessly elegant, yet tomboy-ish take on British fashion. Wether it's red carpet events, the Met Gala or a walk in London City center she just always looks fab. Feminine, yet never straight up sexy. Classic but never without a very modern, edgy twist. Fashionable, but always in her way. My body type is consistently different to hers but i try my best to replicate her style. Basic, well cut garments, muted color selection, lots of denim, and a mux of tomboy and girly. I love everything about her, not just her style: I've red her books, I follow her on every social media.. and I am still secretly hoping in a Alex-Alexa Throwback.

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The reason why I love Lily Melrose and her style is pretty similar to the reason why I love Alexa Chung so much. They both represent the cool, fresh, rock and roll side of British Fashion. I have been reading her blog & watching her youtube channel for ages, and she has a massive influence on my style. Lily's style is very brit, sometimes tomeboy-ish, others more girly but always with a fun edge. She usually wears monochrome, graphic patterns paired with strong accents of color (mainly blue or red) and she likes to play with diffrent materials and layers. I would wear pretty much every outfit I see on her, because they are all so damn cool. Yes, I fangirl.

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This next one is a two-in-one offer: Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup are a blogger-match made in heaven, and I squeezed them in one picture because their style is pretty matchy too. They are both very classy, grown up and minimalistic. A lot of monochrome is involved, sometimes sprouced up by a pop of color or a fun pattern. I love their usual uniform: loose top, skinny bottoms and boots. It has become one of my staple outfits. They are also the reason why I decided to diss my very long locks and decided to go for a shorter do. They are also the reason why I started blogging. They are also goals.

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And last but not least, Samantha Maria ( previously Beautycrush ) , killing it as per usual. I wouldn't say I necessarily replicate every single one of her looks, because some of them are very statement and I don't have enough guts - but I definitely feel her vibe and try to incorporate it in my style. First of all: dem tattoos doe are literally goals, on fleek and all of that. She is just so beautiful and everyithing she wears looks amazing on her. I would say her style is statement and effortless at the same time. She used to wear lots of monochrome clothes and basic cuts, but recently her style has evolved a lot and it has become more feminine, grown up and colorful. She is still sporting a lot of neutral tones and I just love the fact that she always finds a way to incorporate temporary trends into her daily uniform. I love her blog, her youtube channel AND i swoon over her and her boyfriend Jason's clothing range, Novem & Knight.